Beber Agency Cases

We have things to be proud of
Our activities
Provided support of challenge among relevant bloggers, made SMM videos for account and worked with logistic process for presents
What we did:
5 200 000 views
Bloggers management to preparing for project, video-production with products and placement
What we did:
150 000 views
Gucci Beauty x Angela 620sq
Bloggers management for video-production and completion of placement on different platforms
What we did:
5 000 000 views
Luna 3 by Foreo
Recorded a virus track «Brows», presented a series of videos for SMM with bloggers, made a big ad-company with popular bloggers
What we did:
70+ UGC videos with brows make up
Created a content-plan for SMM-support of brand account, presented a series of video based on popular TikTok trends with Beber bloggers
What we did:
15 videos for account
Instinkt by Iceberry
11 000 000+ views
Developed style of videos, left the concept of classical backstages and made series of videos, including three formats: mood video, liveback and professional clips
What we did:
Presented 3 video reports from parties
Made photos and videos for collection’s OLV and OOH ads, promoted launch of collection in brand accounts with bloggers from a TikTok house Angels Home
What we did:
8 000 000 + views
«Rick and Morty» collection for brand «ТВОE»
Exceeded KPI for 400%
Blogger management in preparing for the project, video-production with products and ad placement
What we did:
Gold Apple x Angela
11 100 000 views in brand’s account
To cover the collection we selected relevant bloggers (anime and cosplay themes), who became models for the Instagram* photoset and video clip
What we did:
«Naruto» collection for brand «ТВОЁ»
blogger management for creative idea and placement
What we did:
50 000 views
Gold Apple x Ira Moiseenko
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